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Change is Coming

Please comment on this proposed change to the forum. Conversations Category will be moved off the front page. Topics in this category will still be accessible in unread, new, and other locations. The rough and tumble of…

46 May 14, 2019
What Are Your Questions About Artificial Intelligence?

I conclude by asking for the questions of AI, instead of a statement of religious conviction about poorly understood technology. @Jordan puts it well, I think the danger you are pointing out, as I read your articl…

2 May 8, 2019
Swamidass: Artificial Intelligence Shakes Up Drug Discovery

My scientific work was recently highlighted in The Scientist. The lead on aricle highlights work from my group: Then, in 2018, graduate student Na Le Dang at Washington University in St. Louis hit upon a way to use …

5 May 7, 2019
Museum of The Bible: Advising the Science and the Bible Exhibit

Much of the gallery will be divided into six content pods, asking six existential questions: How did it all begin? What keeps the universe running? Are we different from animals? What are we made of? Wh…

12 May 7, 2019
On Peaceful Science Says Darrel Falk, “The creation story is beautiful beyond imagination. However, even more beautiful is the concept of peace-filled science enthusiasts.”

4 May 7, 2019
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