106 Year Old Physician Still Practicing

I noticed this story.

Astonishingly - I used to refer patients to him at St Mary’s when I was a junior hospital doctor.


He was born as a twin in 1912; began medical school in the 1930s; held a military post in Singapore during WWII that resulted in being held as a POW for more than three years; returned to England after the war and studied under Alexander Fleming, the man who discovered penicillin; became an allergist and developed a pollen count system to help people understand what triggered their allergic reactions.

He writes:

“I wrote four articles from the age of 100 to 105,” he said. “Two of them are solos; the others were multiple authors. But now, of course, I’m 106, I’m going to write one more, and it’s almost finished.”

This is how I imagine my advisor, Pierre Baldi, would be in his old age. I wonder if that will be me too someday.


The Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit has blessed this man of God and Medicine.

Perhaps God will use you in that way, Jon.

I doubt I’ll still be writing at 106, Charles, but I’’ try and keep thinking until the dementia sets in!


Keep on trying. I did not know you were the doctor. You must be joking, Jon. You could not be over 60.

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Alas, I am…

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God bless. I am 63.

Old friends
Sat on their park-bench like bookends (Paul Simon)

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