11-Year-Old Iranian Girl Gets the Highest Mensa IQ Score, Beating Einstein,

Is having really high IQ awarded with some kind of scholarship? Because, let’s be honest, high IQ is useless if she doesn’t have access to education. Although, with initiatives such as Sci-Hub and Library Genesis…

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Not sure if Einstein and Hawking have ever been tested for their IQ.

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That’s racist and sexist.


I don’t know about Einstein but I believe Hawking had an IQ of 160. He just considered people who go around talking about their IQ, and I quote, “losers”.

We just tend to ignore Robbie these days.


Properly designed IQ tests don’t test memory per se, Robert. Also, such IQ tests can be administered in societies where no one is literate. As one would expect, the results among such populations produce a typical bell curve with some persons exhibiting very high IQs.

Most Americans associate “IQ tests” with the SAT and ACT but these tests were designed primarily for the estimation of academic success in college when used together with high school GPA. Studies conducted to determine IQ from SAT scores showed a high correlation between an SAT score and a student’s IQ—but basically an approximation.

What is your evidence that intelligence cannot be tested?



If only that were true. :unamused:

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No. thats just very curves in real people. Your accusations are what is unjust and silly.
Judge not least you be judged. Not that i judge! However its a reflection on you.

I know they say that. I am expanding the concept of memory. I’m saying its all memory work.
its all about what they have learned. Not merely capitals of nations.
IQ tests are used to say folks are this or that smart. its not just SAT and ACT.
It does attack peoples confidence in thier innate intellectual ability. it does make it like the length of their arm. They ALL use it this way in the public and everywhere as i see it. and I see it rightly.
Even in i, where, these places that no one is literate IT still would be about memory. nothing to do with words.
thats why children, youths, young adults easily beat or clobber middle age, older adults who really must be more intelligent. the bible says WITH the old there is wisdom. meaning time ,should, bring intellectually superiority.

I think intelligence can be tested. Results prove intelligence. yet not these memory tests, as i see it.
Thats why these results are hilarious. Children, youths, are not intellectually equal to middle, old, aged adults. never mind more demographic issues.
unless i’m not intelligent enough to understand. I would need someone to tell me. however i still might not agree as not being intelligent enough and proud.
You can’t win eh.

Is there a reference for that?

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Nope, you were right. The article I read earlier wasn’t accurate.

“I have no idea. People who boast about their IQ are losers.”

Seems like he never took IQ test.