A Failed Attempt to Promote Supernatural Neuroscience


For that matter, it would not surprise me if computer programmers are close to developing an algorithm that would be able to give the sort of answers one could expect from a grad student in philosophy or theology. What then?

Then those grad students will need to find a new line of work! :wink:

Thanks for the summary and discussion - I think I can safely skip the video.


No slight intended against those disciplines. Those just happened to be the subjects of the questions she asked Siri. :slight_smile:

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I agree with you that Dirckx is not a Neuroscientist. I think this was a good qualification to make.

And, to be clear, I have no reason to believe that “Mind Matters” committed anything more than an honest mistake here, nor that Dirckx has ever, herself, misrepresented her credentials.

I hope someone reaches out to them to see if they would fix it.

Your article is pretty in depth. I like it but it will take some time to work though. Post it on facebook too. It should stimulate some interesting conversation.


“Someone” will :smiley:

To make up for that bad lecture I posted, six good ones: