A Fool and a Heretic Inciting a Revolution?

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Well its cool they are pushing YEC forward by other ways.
Yes conclusions in "science’ subjects are based on human beings competence and not a methodology that ensures accuracy.
So presumptions of humans gets in the way of accuracy.
Evolutioni9sm is case in point.
Its a biology theory, i say just a untested hypothesis, that is not based on biological evidence.
Instead its based on geology/fossils, comparative anatomy and genetics, biogeography, definitions, minor in species selectionism, and loads of lines of reasoning from presumptions.
Its not a scientific theory. They imagine it is because of human incompetence.
Unless creationists incompetent about this analysis. Naw!

Are you calling scientists incompetent? You insult people who know a lot more than what you think you know.

Incompetence is a human trait. “scientists” have historically had more of their share. On a curve.
Its not a insult if its true. Its an insult to say they know more then me which you couldn’t possibly know even if right.
Your just insulting me.
Anyways on evolution as a biological theory it is a incompetence, unlike REAL sciences, that leads them to think they have biological scientific evidence for this biological hypothesis/claimed theory.
The truth does not insult.