A Hyperloop Between STL and KC?

@Jordan, this might let you commute to WUSTL for a sabbatical at some point in the future. Just 31 minutes from STL to KC and KC to STL. What do you think?


What’s that, about a five hour drive, normally?


Oh, believe me, I’ve been thinking about the hyperloop a lot lately. They had on the news last night that they will have a test pod to see in September here in KC.

@Michael_Callen, it’s about 4-5 hrs depending on which side of the metro you start from but the I-70 semi traffic can be pretty obnoxious.



“I think it’s interesting that this is happening in the Heartland, and I think people forget nationwide how innovative Missouri is and that they have such a history of innovation, especially in construction and transportation.” Kelly said. “I’m really rooting for Missouri, and I think there’s a great case study here that it could be the epicenter of the transportation of the 21st century in the same way that it revolutionized the way that we travel around the country now by car.”

With gas prices currently at about $3 per gallon, it costs about $30 to drive to St. Louis. If prices continue to rise, the cost of 10 gallons of gas could rise above the predicted cost for a one-way hyperloop ticket — about $30.

The study confirmed that the proposed route between St. Louis and Kansas City would shave travel time to 28 minutes. By car, it takes about 3.5 hours. Travel to Columbia from St. Louis or Kansas City would take about 15 minutes, compared with today’s two hours.


Also considering the amount of science that happens along that corridor, it could be a pretty amazing. For instance, from Manhattan Kansas (Kansas State University) to Columbia Missouri (University of Missouri) is called the animal science corridor, representing over half of worldwide animal health, diagnostics, and food sales. The USDA has announced moving two facilities from Washington D.C. to Kansas City. Connecting Kansas City and St. Louis would allow for a lot more collaboration between universities and researchers, especially in the area of biosciences, I think.


Per Google Maps, 3:43. :slightly_smiling_face: And not too enjoyable a drive at night, with headlights coming at you left and right with service roads.

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I wouldn’t want to be going half a kmph in a tube if the New Madrid fault zone decides to give a wiggle nearby. Of course, there is the same concern in La La Land and environs.