A Mechanical Engineer Finds Peaceful Science

Welcome @structureoftruth. Tell us about yourself?

Thanks, @swamidass. I’m a mechanical engineer (MSc. in Mechanical Engineering), and though I didn’t stay long in academia, I am very interested in most all things science, philosophy, and theology. I came across your site a little while ago (can’t remember exactly how), and I greatly appreciate the approach that you take here.


Sounds like you are a Christian then? Where do you stand on origins and what are you appreciating about our approach?

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Indeed, I am a Christian. I lean towards an evolutionary creationist viewpoint on origins, and I think your insights on genealogy have great potential for reconciling this viewpoint with a reading of Scripture that treats Adam as a historical person. (I have actually been thinking so since before I found your site - the idea occurred to me when I came across this paper a few years ago.)

I guess what I appreciate most about what you’re doing here (as opposed to BioLogos, for example) is that you aren’t advocating for a position - you’re just asking questions and trying to find the truth. It is a good stance for a community to have, I think.


Not to mention that Biologos is mainly for Evangelical Christians so I always felt out of place while reading their theological debates there.

Although, to be fair, I’m sort of an inclusivist so I’m gonna feel out of place almost anywhere.


I hope so. We’ve managed to do something here not a lot of people thought possible. I’m hoping we can keep growing and prove them wrong. I think A New Generation Wants a Better Way.


Hahaha. Djordje, you are funny! I hope that you can be more exclusive as time goes by. :slight_smile:

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