A New Tyrannosauroid

This new tyrannosaur fills in a gap in our understanding . Great day for Tyrannosaur nuts like myself



Can you give us an overview of the range of “tyrannosauroids”? Most of us are thinking “Rex”, but there are many more, right?

So as with most families there are varying opinions on just how many taxa belong to it. Tyrannosaurs are no different. You have your lumpers and splitters. There are some taxa where it’s possible it’s a separate species but some people think it’s a juvenile Rex. The earliest member would be Proceratosaurus at 165 MYA. Rex was at the end as everyone knows. Early tyrannosaurs were smaller, three fingered long arms. Some were feathered such as Yutyrannus. Here’s a good phylogeny and a good paper:

If you look you will a species, Appalachiosaurus, the Alabama Tyrannosaur. I work in the lab of the person who had a big hand in discovering that one



Wierd getting this flagged. it was on yopic syre. oh well. (was it a t-rex)