Adam and adams, not Adamites

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The thing that separates the evolved population from the de novo Adam & Eve is that they do not yet have God’s revealed morality
[/quote] This is your quote, which shows the unwitting conflation of Adam and Eve with the first full humans from the previous chapter, who were around WELL BEFORE Adam and Eve… I.e., Adam and Eve were NOT the first humans ever.


Okay, I see what you are saying. I think you take a risk trying to indicate two groups of hominids in a single sentence. There will be those, like me, who mistakenly think you are saying something else.

Pre-300,000 years ago (time frame varies with source) Non-Human Hominids… long evolution.

Crica 300,000 (time frame varies with source) Human Hominids… in the image of God … created by God-Guided Evolution.

6000 years ago - God makes de novo Adam and Eve.

I’m on your band-wagon now.

I believe in human common descent from Adam and Eve…Does that count? :wink:

@J.E.S in my view, that’s not really the issue.

Common Descent is a reference to speciation of rmore than one population … all sharing common ancestry… a common ancestral population.

I know. I more so meant that comment in jest.

(In jest, as in the ambiguity of the term “common descent”).


I just saw your “corrective” (above).

I like it!!! Ill bend my narratives to those terms and benchmarks!!!

Your thread goes back to 2018! I wonder where this thread was hiding that i only see it now (after my sabbatical of moving back to Tampa Bay)!?

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That is not my particular bandwagon but it is one that Joshua favors as it’s the “friendliest” proposal, given the settings of the current contoversy… To my mind, it curtsies to the choir a bit too much.


Just to make sure i havent missed anything…

To which current controversy do you refer?