Adam as "non-zero value ancestor?"

Sometimes, it’s “turtles all the way down,” at least it would seem…
Turtles abound…
So do theories… : )

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Interesting quote from ENV. It is a misleading quote, especially if you see the context.

Given that I know you’re not being merely reactionary, how so? Your thoughts, @pnelson , or others who may have more of a “dog in the fight” than I about the supposedly “misleading language?”
BTW, just in case there are those who don’t catch the veiled reference to ancient Hindu cosmology, the humor rides upon it; and it’s not meant to be an “elephant in the room.” : )

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If you look at the original context, the author of the Turtle book is explaining two absurd extremes that he does not actually agree with, so that he can propose a better option. He is saying “A is a problem (on one hand) and B is a problem (on the other hand), so that is why we think C (which solves the puzzle).” (see here).

The ENV quotes the first half the paragraph (A) so as to create the impression that this is an unanswered and unresolved challenge in the field. It is an example of a quote mine. It is misleading.

We are a bit off topic though. What do you mean by a non-zero value ancestor?

Okay; you’re reporting an impression, but since the entire book is recommended, it actually invites the reader to decide on the basis of reading the whole book. And so, the “mined quote” is an enticement to read and consider further, not being used as the author’s “last word” on the subject.
Anyone that easily mislead is simply not paying attention.
As for the “non-zero value” part, the analogy is a matter of investigating whether an Adam from more than fifteen generations back can have any remaining heritable influence on his progeny and ancestral line.
That is not my preferred view, but it does suggest interesting verbiage if the author finds it present in the line of turtle ancestry going that far back.
It’s meant to be a discussion starter, not a topic too easily shut down on the basis of a mere impression.
You’re welcome! : )

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