After bone marrow transplant, man’s semen contains only donor’s DNA


Wow… Talk about an existential crisis!

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I like your title :slight_smile: It must be weird to contemplate, but in existential terms I guess it is a rather small price to pay :slight_smile:

Human HGT. Cool.

This is amazing! Are there other implications? Is the person becoming more like the donor in any other way?

I think we need to look closer. The man has had a vascetomy. Is it the case his semen contains no sperm, and the DNA is from other cells, presumably some sort of blood cell. Hematospermia is a thing, though no particular reason to suspect it in this case was given in the article. It seems that the presence of epithelial cells and white blood cells is normal.

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Color me skeptical. I’m not sure this is right. Where is the primary paper?

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Hmm, have I been bamboozled? There was a NYT article linked

Which linked to this

I’m getting the impression that this hasn’t been researched in depth, but are results from the everyday DNA testing infrastructure. You’re right that we should await more verified results from a scientific standpoint, but it seems like a mundane matter as far as the testing is concerned? We trust the results of DNA testing in many contexts.