Amazing Fossilized School of Baby Fish

Amazing find may have come from the Green River Formation.


Amazing indeed!

I wonder which grad student got assigned the tedious job of counting and recounting all 259 fish? (I’m sure he or she was asked at least three times by the main researchers: “Are you absolutely sure of that count before we send out the paper for peer-review?”)

And by studying the fossil, the team of researchers even managed to determine some rules of school behavior:

We found traces of two rules for social interaction similar to those used by extant fishes: repulsion from close individuals and attraction towards neighbors at a distance," the researchers wrote in their study.

Of course, those two rules would also explain the behavior of people at my church’s Sunday School potluck last week. And the fish being dated at 50 million years ago also explains why one of the bowls of snacks at our potluck was so stale. Here’s a not previously published close-up of the Oishi fossil:

If Ken Ham hears about the Oishi discovery, he will no doubt publish the photo as proof that Noah’s Flood was global. (The determination of which of the aforementioned photos I’m talking about is left as an exercise for the reader.)

Also notable:

…this ex-school may be the earliest known fossil evidence that prehistoric fish swam in unison, just as modern fish do today.

They swam in unison back then because doo-wop and harmony parts would not evolve for another 50 million years.

(Ba Dum Tss! For those who are visiting Peaceful Science for the first time, Saturday afternoons can get a little bit silly. We are exhausted from yet another week of thinking great thoughts and posting them.)

POSTSCRIPT: @Joel_Duff, perhaps the school of orange fish (Aurum ichthus of family Pepperidgidae) depicted above was engaged in a chaotic spawning frenzy, intent on laying their eggs before the rapidly rising Noahic Flood waters were sure to overwhelm them. (See Snakes Preserved in Dinosaur Nests – Another Problem for Creationist’ Flood Geology – Naturalis Historia )


@AllenWitmerMiller is on FIRE, today! :slight_smile:

Green river and other places often show these things. the fossilization process is the clue. It could only be a dramatic thing . A unique thing. These creatures were killed/fossilized about 400 years ago. Most YEC would see it as a post flood event.
I love these things for many reasons. however one reason is how it backs up creationism more then evolutionism and its partner in crime geologyism(the wrong stuff).

Have you ever seen the Green River Formation? I have… It is a mile thick and the layers, probably each one, contain fossils somewhere within the formation. It is tilted now, and if you drive from Price to Duchene, UT, you drive through the entire mile of thickness over about a thirty mile trip. All along the way there are fossil shops. I stopped in to each and asked if they had one, single polystrate fossil in their collection, or had ever seen one, and every shop owner laughed and said no.

So, if you wish to believe that an angled formation that has layers the thickness of a potato chip, hundreds of thousands of them, that is at least a mile thick, and that it formed about 400 years ago, that’s fine. However, it does nothing to back up creationism at all. Unless you consider mental gymnastics practice backing it up.


Hold on. I understand this is a famous fossil area about biology above the k-t line. So , as yEC sees it, post flood. now these areas are around america. The florrisant(sp) area is another one.
it would be thick as the pressure on top would be needed to instantly turn to stone everything as YEC models would propose.
The tilting would just be part of the great event that got the sediment moving to cover everything.
In fact the tilt suggests the origin. A great movement of the continent that moved the sediment from here to there and entombed sediment/biology and the pressure turned all to stone.
Its the same process as the flood except water was not the pressure wave.
The great thing is the very unique issue of fossilization. Sediment and biology. this does not, is not, happening today. It required massive movement of sediment. not these ideas of a wee bit of samnd.

I see… something like a Utah-sized sluice box tipped ever so slightly, got “the sediment moving” such that very quickly, hundreds of thousands of layers (about the thickness of a potato chip) were set down, each layer with many fossils (I have seen one of a sting-ray that was 18" across, even) laying perfectly flat, yet helplessly entombed and instantly fossilized due to the weight of the layers above. Presumably, there was a mile deep hole that filled layer by layer, very quickly, but now, 400 years later, it has been lifted up into the sky, hundreds of feet above one’s head?

I don’t believe I can keep up with you.


It’s not often I see YED advocates charged with mental agility… :o) Something more like conceptual imprecision is at play…


Oishi means tasty in Japanese lol

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@Michael_Callen, it was obviously a miraculous event! {Sarcasm emoticon goes here}

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