Amid Russia Tensions, Ukraine Moves Toward Separate Church

@Mark thoughts?

To be clear, my thoughts go along the lines of:

Thank God!

Serbian Patriarch Irinej might disagree though.

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Well, you can forget what I said, seems like the church of Ukraine cares more about their hateful nationalism than anything else.

You are gonna have to help us understand the context more here. I’m not sure who to root for or why? What is the significance of this? Can you explain some more?

As you probably know, there have been some issues with Russia and Ukraine as countries so the church of Ukraine decided to become independent of Russian Patriarch Bartholomew. Of course, me being me, assumed that that was a good idea since Bartholomew is very… close with Putin, but now I learn that the leaders of Ukraine (political) are calling for arrest and maybe even execution of all Russian priests and priests who don’t agree with this split.

And some American Christians want to remove the separation of church and state. Here’s what happens when you do, state starts interfering in church business.

This is not a good analogy at all. The US Constitution 1st Amendment prevents the US Government from getting entangled with religion at all. The US Government can’t interfere with any church business.


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Yet the state does interfere with religious ideas/beliefs by censoring them when discussing subjects where same ideas/beliefs are involved. since the subjects in questiuon are about accuracy in concliusions then the state is saying the religious ideas/beliefs are not accurate. tHus interfering and breaking the law it invokes for the censorship.
This has only happened since the end of WWii or the 1960’s.

Wow, you do realize that, except for Jefferson and Lincoln, all of American presidents were Christians, right? How is that censoring religion?

I have no idea. I’ll have to look into this more.

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