An ID advocate, lacking scientific arguments, claims that atheism saps life

Why is DI attacking atheists? Most atheists that I know are nice, happy, law abiding, kind people with much meaning and purpose in their lives. why are we picked on for our non-beliefs?


You are their boogie man, in the same way the religious right is your boogie man.

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Atheists are much more cuddly, I promise. :wink:


Christians are too :slight_smile:.

…atheists that add value to conversations with insults and whose purpose in life appears to be delighting in continually posting articles that explicitly or tacitly try to tear down Christianity. Yeah, I know atheists like that. :sunglasses:

…speaking of irony meters.

It’s like superhero Comics… can’t be a super Hero without an evil nemesis.
Christians think they are batman and athiests are the Joker and vice versa.
If Christians are correct, all of us will have a reckoning which discloses all things post our death.
If athiests are right … none of us will get to know. :wink:

You made my point. Why are Christians (Batman) the good guy and atheists (the Joker) the bad guy? I contend that atheists today have higher moral standing, better ethics and values.

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Did you see a “vice versa” after that scentence… it applies to athiests too.
Everybody thinks they are the hero of their own story.


It has already been demonstrated that you are self-deceived here.

What? I talk about it often enough. Because some Christians seem to say it often, which kind of makes you talk about it.

Nobody can really live with it.

Ehhh, I think we’re doing ok :slight_smile:

Since there’s no God, I guess I can have guilt-free pleasure. And so I’m going to spend the few decades that I have trying to take care of Number 1, trying to have as much fun as I can. By the way, having kids requires self-sacrifice. I don’t have time for that. I won’t be able to have as much fun.

I don’t think I can comment on this using language that is appropriate for this forum :slight_smile:

On Fox, eh.

Self-deceived? What kind of Christian BS is that?

Just follow the link.

I did. What’s your point?

Your not getting it makes my point.

Battling over who has the moral high ground is similar to a food fight. No one comes out looking better than how they went in. No one is perfect, and all systems of morality can improve. That should be the starting point.