Ancestor of all animals identified in Australian fossils: A wormlike creature

Sorry, got confused. He thinks everything above the Precambrian is a post-flood deposit.

Wow. Can you link to something on that?

Isn’t that pretty much the standard YEC stance?

Not at all. The claim is that

I don’t know of any creationist who thinks that, and it now seems clear that @Roy misspoke, meaning to say that everything above the Precambrian is a flood deposit. That’s probably a minority opinion, but at least there really are people who hold it. There is no standard YEC stance, but if there’s a plurality opinion it’s that the Paleozoic and Mesozoic are flood deposits while the Cenozoic is post-flood. That’s the position of the most “scientific” of the YECs, like Kurt Wise.

My bad, I read it as flood deposit, not post-flood deposit. My brain couldn’t contemplate such an absurd suggestion so it must have tried to correct it somewhat.

No, I definitely meant everything above the Precambrian is seen as a post-flood deposit.

There’s a description of the recolonisation theory at this site - it was hard to find, because it’s only promoted by a small group of creationists and rejected by the majority.

2. Cambrian.
Many have mentioned “the Cambrian explosion,” this is because complicated and often advanced marine life forms are suddenly found here, indeed almost all phyla is here. Evolutionists are very embarrassed about the Cambrian strata for very obvious reasons.
This represents the recomposition of shallow seas following the Flood. As water was draining off the land following the Flood, huge sediment deposits were being produced - absolutely ideal for the production of fossils! For Dr Surtees, this period is clearly post-Flood.

See also option 1 here, or the criticisms here and here

I’m surprised you’re unfamiliar with it.

Me too. Perhaps it’s a British phenomenon? I don’t know much about British creationism.

I think it is, but I first heard about it on an Australian owed forum populated mostly by Americans, so nationality isn’t really relevant.

I have to say it’s even more bizarre than the more common creationists nonsense.

I note that one of the sources puts the end of the flood within the Cambrian and another at the end of the Carboniferous. Even the recolonizers can’t agree on their hypotheses.

Once again, the massive size of the IDcreationist tent tells us that this isn’t about science…

so a worm+time= a supermodel. make sense :wink: