Another School Prayer Problem Solved

Note the letter and the response.

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I just prayed to the One and Only God who created the entire universe by speaking. I mean this literally. I prayed to Him to help students who attend schools across this country who are suffering from depression, lonliness, hopelessness, confusion and of course the sinfulness and pride in students that is the root cause of it all in many of those. And I thanked Him for being completely and totally sovereign over every single detail of everything that goes on in the public school system in this country.

@Greg you keep praying and I will continue to support FFRF attorney’s keeping religion out of the public schools. Our children need to be taught science, reason and critical thinking skills along with human empathy and secular morals, ethics and values. You keep praying and I will keep doing court actions against constitutional violations. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. Don’t forget the “Atheist in the Foxhole” who gave their lives for your freedom.


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And may we all never forget that Jesus chose a hellhole on the cross where He absorbed the wrath that we all deserve for the sins and atrocities we commit of which war is part. American soldiers bought freedom and the dirt under our feet upon which we walk, perform and to freely make choices wisely guided by the rule of law. Jesus brought true freedom from sin and a treasure far surpassing the value of that dirt. The question becomes who will use the freedom we have to find the true treasure and most authentic freedom in Christ to lead our children away from the hopelessness promoted in materialist models promoted by mainstream university science curiculums? A question for you Patrick is what will you choose? A life symbolized by a cemetery marker in dirt, or true life where you are part of the most exciting venture on earth created by God of rescuing young people, all people from themselves and to be one day honored by the King of kings in the life to come?
Mt 13:44

Jesus has nothing to do with Memorial Day in the United States. Memorial Day in the United States is a secular holiday to honor those who gave up their lives for the freedoms we have in this country. Keep Jesus out of Memorial Day.

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If it werent for Jesus, “through whom all things were created” we would not be here. And if it weren’t for Jesus and the command to love by observing His commands as sacred and sancifying all life as precious, we would not have a desire to sacrifice in war against evil which wants to rape, pillage and murder… or even appreciate those who sacrificed their lives in so doing battle against this evil

A question for you, @Patrick. Do you know if many Schools of Education at American universities have sections of their textbooks explaining to future teachers (1) what constitutes imposition of religion in the public school classroom and (2) explains why the Establishment Clause is so important?

One might think that such knowledge would be known to all via high school “U.S. Government” and civics classes. But one wonders how much knowledge actually “sticks” to young minds.

By the way, I’m old enough to well remember both teacher-led prayer and student-led prayer in the classroom. It happened daily just before we had our lunch. I also remember the day a teacher explained the U.S. Supreme Court decision and why we wouldn’t be having group prayer any more.

What was the reaction among students and in the community, if you recall?

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That is total nonsense. Jesus has nothing to do with my life, my ancestors, nor my children’s lives. Take your Jesus psychobabble elsewhere as you just spit out nonsense.

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I don’t know what is taught at the university level about church and state separation issues but I do know that teachers and administrators are trained by their repetitive school districts about it. As the US becomes more diverse and more secular, cases like these are going to come up even more as it seems like some Christians are confusing waning Christian Privilege with Christian Persecution.

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You mean like those who are upset during the Christmas season when some retail store says “Happy Holidays!” instead of “Merry Christmas!”? (I guess the bar for “persecution” has dropped considerably since . . . well . . . most of recorded history.)