Anti-Religiosity,” Not Anti-Semitism, Fueled Synagogue Killer

Religion is divisive. What is Christian about any of this?

Pence may be an even bigger shameless liar and slimebag than Trump. It’s just Pence hasn’t had as much opportunity to demonstrate his “talents”. If Trump is impeached we’d better hope Pence gets the hook with him. Of course Kellyanne Conway is the “alternate facts” queen. If she told me the sky is blue I’d still go outside to check.

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Oh boy, I really hate that guy.

While i haven’t followed the story I’m sure religion never had anything to do with it. Complaints between people groups never has anything to do with religion. Christianity never had a problem with those of jewish faith. All problems came from because of one people seeing jews as a seapartate foreign people in their nation and complaints back and forth of how each treats each other. Nothing about religious doctrines.
its just nations fighting within boundaries of a single nation. Very little relative to centuries and great numbers but sometimes important fights.
i don’t agree there is such a thing as anti-semitism. there is just a equation of one people having trouble with another. its just that jews uniquely are always in asnothers people country.
there is no difference between Germans complaining about the french and the French about the Germans.
or any people group with another.
No DNA difference. the term anti-semitism is used to discredit others complaints about jews before investigation or trial. The complaints might be wrong, right, bad, good.
All there is in human relationships IS accusations and actions of one toward another.
There is no special category, like anti-semetism, that immediately makes wrong, bad, discredited the accusations of one side.
They do it with RACISM, Misogyny, Zenophobia, Homophobia, religious bigotry etc etc.
its all classifications imposed on society.
Accuse and then go to trial .Then accept a return accusation and trial.
That would of settled so much in human history toward justice and equality and peace.


Who ARE you? That’s patent nonsense. Anti-semitism is demonstrably existant.


I don’t know what world you’re coming from, but in our world, all these things certainly exist.


This is astounding!



Also, three passages from the Bible were interpreted as a condemnation for all Jews (I don’t know how they did that, considering that New Testament was written by Jews and some other things, but whatever) up until 1960s.


This may be the most ignorant statement I’ve ever read. If “others” have “complaints about the Jews”, that is anti-semitism. When an entire people group is criticized as a whole, that is racism. You think that there should be a trial every time some whack-job makes some claim about the “Jews” or “Zionists” to allow the court of public opinion to determine if their hate speech is legitimate?


You complain about one Jew, Christian, Muslim or whatever? That might be justified, depending on what kind of person they are. You complain about Jewish people as a whole? That’s anti-semitism.

Christ, there is so much wrong with this post that I have to write my complaint in five different posts.

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Okay, I’m going to shut this one down before it spins out of control. Let’s get back to science, now. MC