Are We Living in a Grand Simulation?

Skepticism, anyone? :wink:

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Too much dope in the freshman dorm?


Too many nights wasted on video games?


If we are living in a simulation, I’d hesitate to call it ‘grand’.

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It’s the brain in the vat problem that every first year philosophy student needs to wrestle with (or just watch the movie The Matrix :slight_smile:). It’s not as simply dismissed as some might think.


We’re definitely ‘brains in a vat’, with the vat being a skull filled with cerebral spinal fluid. Could be a simulated skull, I suppose…

[note: I know just enough about physics to be dangerous, so if I get stuff wrong please correct me]

There seem to be some interesting parallels between the idea of a simulated universe and the idea of a Holographic universe.

A holographic universe does not necessarily require a simulation, but it does lend itself to the possibility. One of the analogies I have heard is a video game. The computer program can change things on the screen in unconnected ways, much like the spooky action at a distance seen in quantum mechanics.

I don’t believe in a simulated universe, but it does make for some fun thought experiments.

No we are not in a simulation and its unreasonable and intellectually boring for these folks to investigate or get attention for investigating it.
They so easily make this stiff up but are so determined the reality the bible presents is not true.

I do think that reading Robert’s posts does incline one to solipsism. It’s easy to believe he’s programmed.