AZ Atheist Lawmaker Gives Invocation, Then Gets Mocked by Christian Colleague

This is disappointing. Though I had nothing to do with it, sorry for the disrespect. Society requires us to show respect to one another, even when we disagree. Atheists sit through religious invocations all the time, usually without disrupting them. A secular invocation? We can stand to sit through some of these.


Why are invocations needed at all? We have a Government that at all levels is required to be secular. Why not just say the Pledge of Allegiance (the pre-1954 version without the inserted “under God” line) and get started on the Government Meeting without any invocations?

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Rituals like this are part of the fabric of society. They are part of our culture. There is no reason to get rid of them. They are helpful, because they can function as a liturgy, inviting people into a story with a beginning and an end, around common values.

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Isn’t the ritual of saying the Pledge of Allegiance all people together enough? We the People …

But then atheist wouldn’t have something to crash. I can hear the protests now. “Sure, now that we allow secular invocations, now you want to get rid of it!”

It’s the Atheist who are going to the Government meetings trying to keep the Government working instead of praying!