Babies in the Womb Have Lizard-like Hand Muscles


There is no reason to say this. instead its lizards have hand muscle like babies( thanks for the baby word I presume baby human)
Its not evidence for a reptile past but simply a form that is needed at that stage. from a common blueprint.
What else would one do?

God could use a different blueprint. If God is all knowing and all powerful surely he could have come up with a different blueprint if species were created separately. If God used evolution then we would expect shared blueprints, but if God didn’t use evolution then we would not expect shared blueprints because God could use different blueprints for each and every created kind.

No. one would expect a creator to use a general blueprint. One would not expect a random mutationism mechanism to do the same.if results were TOTALLY unrelated to each other YOUR SIDE would say AHA creationists why would God do it in such diverse ways.Why not single good model for say eyeballs.
So all biology should be exactly the same except a difference needed for a different need.
Creationism predicts likeness and evolutionism should predict diversity and very diverse.
Even with common descent origins FROM that point on mutations should be going crazy.

Why? This claim has always puzzled me. For an omnipotent and omniscient deity it would be just as easy to use a completely different blueprint as it would to reuse a blueprint. The only time it makes sense to reuse a design is if you are a being like us, with limited knowledge and resources.

Also, there are many examples of different blueprints for the same function. For example, both vertebrates and cephalopods have camera style eyes, yet the blueprints are different for each. As George Romanes notes:

i think a common blueperint would be the best way or only way. This way it leaves the BLUEPRINT as able to run itself. God can not create any more after the sixth day of creation. in being finished its a working model with a single blueprint.
So as in eyes indeed on creation week most creatures of size would have the same blueprint idea for eyes. why would there be a different one for every pair of eyes? As to ocean creatures and eyes it might need another plan. its the same basic plan but then a tweet different.
Eyes make the blueprint case. The seas change things and then still there is likeness in these special cases.

Then how do you explain the different blueprints for the cephalopod and vertebrate eyes?

Why couldn’t different blueprints run themselves?

Why couldn’t God use different blueprints during those 6 days of creation?

Fish and squid living in the same environment have different blueprints for their eyes. How do you explain this?

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Octo/squid live in the same place but must have different needs.
The point should be that this is a case for a blueprint but showing at a very more atomic level.
I don’t think octo had these eyes at creation but only adapted later.
Its not why God can’t use different blueprints but why would he?
then using a single one would include in it the ability to adapt as needed. If different blueprints were used then each one would need to be that adaptable. A single blueprint would do the deed.
i think for eyeballs, in certain envirorments, the likeness of thier creation proves a creator and not a crazy randomness of eyebllls types as evolutionism should desire to find.

Like what? Why do they need a different eye design? Why couldn’t fish in the very same environment use that same eye design?

Why wouldn’t he?