Baseless Claims by Mung



No, that is not the argument.

Your model of evolution is hilarious.

You have a case functioning as a doorstop and you gradually add parts to it. Meanwhile it continues to function as a doorstop. Then one last part gets added and viola! it functions as a cell phone.

But that’s ok with me, I believe in miracles too. :slight_smile:

Proving irreducible complexity with a cell-phone
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Produce evidence please.


Asking me to prove a negative is not a productive way to encourage discussion. He made the claim, it is his responsibility to demonstrate it.

People who make claims about what IDists argue have the burden to ensure they are not misrepresenting the argument. You would expect no less of someone who came here and made claims about evolutionary theory.

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Alright, we will move your accusation to another thread then because it is baseless.

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What baseless claim did I make?

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You said:

I asked you to justify it:

You refused. This demonstrates it is baseless. You won’t produce any justification for accusing @T_aquaticus of misrepresenting Behe. So I am vetoing your accusation.

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@Mung It’s all in the nuance… you could say that he isn’t understanding Behe, from your point of view, but accusing him of dishonest misrepresentation is out of bounds.

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It is not only this but in addition he refuses to clarify. That is just trolling. @T_aquaticus, also, does not ever intentionally misrepresent people. If you are going to claim he did, you better pony up and explain what he got wrong. Baseless accusations do not shift the burden to the accused.

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