Behe has a new anti-evolution book

For @Eddie and others. Note the comment from Lehigh University

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It will be interesting to see whether or not Behe actually argues for intelligent design in the new book. From what I am reading it seems like it may be an extension to his “edge of evolution” literature.

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The comment from Lehigh University is nothing new; that has been the Department’s standard statement for years now, to cover themselves from charges that they might agree with their colleague’s maverick stance.

As a side comment, relevant to discussions elsewhere here, note that though the publisher has stuck the term “evolution” into the subtitle without qualification (publishers always go for the exaggeration, to generate a sense of extreme controversy, and hopefully more sales), in the recorded message Behe maintains his habit of speaking of “Darwinism” or “Darwinian mechanisms.” He doesn’t use “evolution” in an unqualified manner.


The book is just an expansion of a 2010 Behe paper in which Behe claims

Brilliant. Behe discovers evolution works by modifying the existing genomes of the parents. Something the rest of science has known about for 70 years. :grinning:

More groundbreaking ID-Creationist work for sure!

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