Behe’s book sliced and diced again—by members of his own department

@Jerry_Coyne jumps in on the review by members of Behe’s Department at Lehigh University:

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It is hard to think of any other discipline where mainstream acceptance of its core paradigm is more at odds with the scientific consensus.

Why evolution by natural selection is difficult for so many to accept is beyond the scope of this review; however, it is not for a lack of evidence: the data (only some of which we present here) are more than sufficient to convince any open-minded skeptic that unguided evolution is capable of generating complex systems.

Any thoughts on what the “core paradigm” is that they are talking about? My guess is that it is “evolution by natural selection.”

This seems to fly in the face of the idea that Behe is tilting at windmills.

I suspect that his colleagues at Lehigh have about had enough…