Book sales fall as impact of coronavirus increases

NPD BookScan, which tracks around 85 percent of physical sales, reported big drops in children’s fiction and adult nonfiction books. The biggest gains were in nonfiction books for kids, notably workbooks purchased by parents whose children are now home from schools that have been closed.

The GAE is a casualty here too, at least for now.

This is sad.

One would have hoped to see an increase in book sales as people stocked up on reading material in preparation for any increase in available time. Alas…

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I expect all non-essential purchases are dropping right now as people respond to necessity and uncertainty. I think we might expect an increase in E-book sales as things settle down.


Well there is an increase in books about viruses and pandemics!



I suppose society has to start somewhere! :slight_smile:

No increased sales for digital versions?

Yep, I went to my library and stocked up on history text books.

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Over here they’re stocking up on canned lager because the pubs have all closed.

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