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@Michael_Callen added a very interesting review to Amazon:

A Better Way…

Interestingly, (to me anyhow) I was not drawn to this topic originally. The relationship between A and E and the rest of humanity was never a particularly interest of mine. What was very interesting to me, however, was “a better way” to reconcile what we read in the Bible with the findings of modern science. This is what drew me to this book.

The more I read, the more I enjoyed and appreciated the handling of such challenging topics as original sin, The Fall of Man, race, and what was going on outside of The Garden, in such a way that the sum was much greater than the parts. Let me clarify, this book is not about unity being force-fit or force-fed. It’s an intelligent and articulate proposal as to how these theological concepts can all be reconciled within a framework of modern understanding.

No one will agree 100% with the conclusions that Dr. Swamidass draws in his book, but that’s not because of his efforts. Rather, it is the nature of these minefield topics, themselves, that will bring the reader outside of her own comfort zone. And this is a good thing because we can all stand to pause and review why it is that we believe what we believe about these topics.

Kudos on a well-written book.


Thanks @Michael_Callen. I really hope this books brings people back into the conversation of origins. There is so much here for all of us, even if it isn’t our own pet issue. Thanks for giving it a shot.

Curious also to hear more of your thoughts.