Cancer and Evolution: DI Agrees That Evolution Yields Much Insight

This article responds to the renewed conversation about my Cancer and Evolution article,

In time I will make a full response but I wanted to commend them on this accurate introductory paragraph:

Researchers have gained much insight by examining cancer through the lens of evolution, a perspective pioneered by Peter Nowell and John Cairns in the 1970s. All the same forces are at play. Mutations arise, sometimes conferring advantages or disadvantages, and are subject to selection and drift.

I agree also that there are differences between the evolution of cancer and the evolution of humans. It is, nonetheless, an important laboratory for understanding what evolution can and cannot do. I also want to thank them for this very charitable and accurate introduction: (@pnelson and @EricMH, please pass this on)

Readers of Evolution News may be familiar with Swamidass, of Washington University in St. Louis, whose review of the volume Theistic Evolution has been the subject of recent weighing by Ann Gauger. Jonathan Wells has also addressed the cancer argument. Swamidass is an ID critic who attempts to answer design arguments on their merits. This sets him apart from many others who are content with mere name-calling. His challenge is welcome and merits further discussion.

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Of course I may respond in more detail later. Glad to see the dialogue.

You’re quite the popular guy on Evolution News these days.

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