CNN uncritically covers a “miracle”

The fact that the Bibles escaped the fire could probably be explained as just a random coincidence. It is probably not a miracle in the same sense as Jesus turning water into wine, or Jesus’ resurrection. But that misses the point. What an atheist thinks is just random coincidence, a believer in God may attribute to Divine Providence. This attribution is not necessarily based on scientific reasoning - as Coyne points out, the church still burned. The scientific reasoning is still valid. But that would be to miss the point entirely. Rather, the attribution should be understood as an expression of faith in God’s sovereignty over nature and the affairs of the world, which is true whether the Bibles got burned or not. Thus, this is an example of how scientific and religious reasoning are operating on different levels.

As the Book of Job powerfully expresses, we do not get to choose the terms in which Divine Providence operates. When God saves the church building from the fire, we praise Him. When He doesn’t, we also praise Him. There is no other choice, for we would have no genuine trust in God if we use every event as a test case for whether God is truly sovereign or not. As limited humans, we don’t know what God’s plans are. We have not even a faint idea of how He accomplishes his purposes - these are things we cannot understand, things too wonderful for us to know (Job 42:3).


Maybe we should test the flammability of the Bibles :slight_smile: