Code as an Analogy of DNA?


(Dale Cutler) #162

Quaternary ROM.

(Dale Cutler) #163

You just made my point. The code used in those papers is different than the genetic code.

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #164

And the genetic code is not a code. It is merely an analogy to a code.

(Dale Cutler) #165

You have failed to make your point.

(Timothy Horton) #166

That isn’t a definition. What definition are you using for code?

(Dale Cutler) #167

Quaternary ROM is the definition I am using for DNA. DNA is quaternary ROM. (What you asked for was a definition of DNA.)

(Timothy Horton) #168

That isn’t a definition, it’s a function. What is the definition of code you are using? If you don’t know the definition just say so.

No, I asked for a definition of CODE

(Dale Cutler) #169

@Timothy_Horton: Note my edit. What you asked for was a defintion of DNA, not code.

Okay, let’s try this. Code is a system for storing data in memory.

(Timothy Horton) #170

That doesn’t fit any known definition of code. If you are making up your own definitions your arguments will be useless from the get go.

(Mikkel R.) #171

Whoah, that’s some strong jumping to conclusions there. Just out of curiosity, how did you determine how God-made codes function? Have you had access to those in the past?

(Dale Cutler) #172

@Timothy_Horton: Timothy Horton said
“What definition are you using for DNA?”

(Timothy Horton) #173

Quit with the dishonest word-twisting. i was asking for the definition of code as you were applying it to DNA. Not the definition of DNA.

(Dale Cutler) #174

I’m sorry you don’t understand “a method for storing data in memory.” (We make up new definitions all the time. That’s what we do.)

(Dale Cutler) #175

Second, Third, Fourth… Genetic Codes, One Spectacular Case of Code Crowding - video Edward N. Trifonov, University of Haifa, Masaryk University

(Timothy Horton) #176

I understand it fine. You don’t seem to understand if you make up your own definitions to support your “design” claims your claims may be dismissed out of hand. You don’t seem to understand how science works. You don’t get to define your woo into existence.

(Dale Cutler) #177

Is not a code a system for storing data in memory? I mentioned God all of once. My woo has nothing to do with the point, does it. (You got distracted too easily. :slightly_smiling_face:)

(Timothy Horton) #178

That is still not a recognized definition of code. Do you often make up your own definitions when you have no valid arguments?

(Dale Cutler) #179

You’re still worried about canonical definitions. :roll_eyes:

(John Mercer) #180

Well, there are the facts that only 61 of the 64 codons map to 20 amino acids (not proteins), so consider it brought up. :smile:

(Timothy Horton) #181

Precise definitions matter in science. One of the most scurrilous tactics used by ID-Creationists is to keep definitions as vague and undefined as possible. Like refusing to define “code”.