Comments on Hunter: Details of Protein Evolution

No. Don’t give him any time of day. He makes me not even want to consider ID because I couldn’t bare potentially being around him.


He’s all about hyperbole


Though I kinda want to read the paper and see how much he is ignoring. And even if he is right about this one so what. There are tons of papers that demonstrate this


I admit to have groaned a bit as I read Hunter’s article. And as T.J. stated:

No doubt Hunter’s article will get plenty of links and citations from anti-evolution bloggers. So in answer to Patrick’s question, “Is it worthy of discussion?”, we do have to consider that at least some readers of such propaganda will Google for rebuttals of Hunter’s claims. Perhaps they will find Peaceful Science and this thread. Perhaps Rumraket’s graphic will help them to investigate the evidence.


Unlike our buddy Rumraket!

That’s a bit of an exaggeration. :slight_smile:

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