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They REALLY didn’t like your post Josh… In the Controversy over Intelligent Design, Seeking Genuine Dialogue | Evolution News

I suppose it is expected to hate those closest to you. Let them come. I still look to have a conversation with them. I’ll read it closely, and see how I should respond. I’ve been planning an article on what a Fair Hearing is, and perhaps this is the good thing to do.

What do you make of it?

To be honest, I didn’t make it to the end. I don’t think you’ll make headway with the DI any time soon. Maybe when some of this settles down.

It is surprising. They had to have known that this was going to be a negative article. I think they are more comfortable with an atheist critic than a Christian critic. I suppose that is the price I’ll be paying here.

Yes, exactly. You are much more of a threat to them, and that’s why they don’t get along with Biologos, etc.

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