Common Descent: Call for papers, blog posts, articles, etc

I’m looking for any papers, blog posts, news articles, etc. that lay out the genetic evidence for human-ape ancestry. From the most compelling to least compelling. Im interested in it all. I’m just trying to build a nice reference folder. Thanks!

Note: feel free to even list your own. I can screen shoot it and add it to my human-ape ancestry evidence folder

I would humbly submit this blog post, if you haven’t seen it yet:

I can post more references later.


I’d like to suggest that you also collect any that explain the reasoning as to why the data is considered to be evidence for common ancestry. The underlying logic that is employed to arrive at the conclusion given the data.

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Here’s a fairly recent one, free online. And of course the chimp genome paper would be on that list too.

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Thanks! Keep em coming’s-origin/


Here’s one I wrote a while ago, using the data in Hayasaka at al. 1988. Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Primate Mitochondrial DNA. Mol. Biol. Evol. 5(6):626-644. 1988.


Your first link, while interesting, has nothing to do with the molecular evidence for common descent of humans and apes. The second link might be useful, though.

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How about options there is no human/ape biological common descent relationship.
the bible would be a source paper on this.
in a common blueprint of biology it is a option that a unique being, us, needing a bodyplan , WITHIN the blueprint, would get the best bodyplan. The ape one!
this because its impossible for us to have our own unique bodyplan because our identity is in Hods image.
all other creatures are exactly what they are and no more. their bodyplans represent thier identity perfectly, at least pre-fall.
We are the only creatures renting another creatures bodyplan.
a creationist must conclude this.
I argue with YEC on the error of desiring to be genetically diffeent from primates.
there is no need and its not true and we were closer on creation week.

All praise be to Hod


You must build your faith brick by brick.

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I beg to differ. It’s about common descent. So it is about human-ape common ancestry. And even if it doesn’t restrict itself to the molecular evidence it doesn’t mean that it has nothing to do with it.

Surely you would not claim that all evidence is evidence of common ancestry, would you? So what evidence is evidence for common ancestry, and why is it evidence for common ancestry. You’re saying the article doesn’t address that?

Request denied. I quote the OP:

How is it possible for you not to understand that sentence?

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So many points to score. It helps to misread the rules, so as to score more!

And I quote myself.

It’s simply absurd to think that the actual reasoning involved is unimportant.

And yet you are the one who “Liked” my comment, the one that John is failing to understand.


Yet you were the one who thought it important to say how unimportant the first link was when you could have just kept your mouth shut. So what if it is not about molecular evidence for human ape shared ancestry. I gave the reason why it was important. But you can’t even engage that and in fact are doing every thing you can to not engage it.

Winning indeed.