Conservatives’ susceptibility to political misperceptions

If we’re going to have “no questions of election stealing”, can we also have no false equivalencies between left and right? I brought up the topic of election stealing to demonstrate that it was not merely an extremist element of the Republican Party (as had been contended), but the party mainstream that was involved.

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I meant that election stealing is not a question in this study, not that you couldn’t have questions about it.

I think Skovand is off-topic. Bringing up polls is irrelevant because this is a designed study that uses a survey company to gather the data, not a political opinion poll. Your criticism is perfectly valid, but polling isn’t the issue.

I’ll have to reread the post because I was responding to what I felt I was reading. I was pointing out, what was already pointed out that not all republicans fit this description and showing how these kinds of statistics is useless.

But I’ll reread through this post, or just forget it’s exists. But I never see anything remotely beneficial arising out of posts about how this or that group is this or that way.


@Skovand, as I have been requested to address this without raising election-stealing claims as an example, and concentrating on the original study, I will return again to your original statement:

This ‘both sides’ view of the issue is contradicted by the study:

This study provides the most rigorous evidence to date that U.S. conservatives are uniquely susceptible to political misperceptions in the current sociopolitical environment. Data were collected over 6 months in 2019 and reflect Americans’ beliefs about hundreds of political topics. The topics were selected on the basis of social media engagement, suggesting that these are the very issues that Americans were most likely to encounter online. Analyses suggest that conservatism is associated with a lesser ability to distinguish between true and false claims across a wide range of political issues and with a tendency to believe that all claims are true.

(My emphasis)

This is not an issue affecting ‘both sides’ equally.

I feel like I’ve already answered this question. I don’t do circle arguments. A thousand phone calls out of millions and millions of people on a complex social
Issue just simply is not something that matters much to me. Ive stated my thoughts, and I stand by thoughts, and no matter how many times you ask the same questions , my answers will be the same.

My response to your latest statement could be summed up as a copy and paste of my previous answers with just a little tweaking. I’m going to ignore this post after this response.

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Well, I tried. But as you clearly don’t want to understand why Sampling Theory means that it is not just “a thousand phone calls”, but something that can give you valid and rigorous information about “millions and millions of people”, then there is nothing I can do.

As somebody who does understand the validity of these methods, I place no value on opinions formed in the willful ignorance of them.

To quote Harlan Ellison

You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.

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