Controversial claims about consequences of metaphysical choices

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Inviting a moderator to split this thread, as Dr. Craig’s name need not be associated with it from this juncture down…
I would title it something like “Controversial claims about the consequences of certain metaphysical choices” or whatever else works. See my point to link for where a split might help.

William Lane Craig on Historical Adam
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@swamidass, there are too many trolls arriving lately. Somebody needs to clean up.

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@theman8469, at least have the intellectual work-ethic to make the effort to understand what the numbering system refers to instead of chiming in with out-of-context commentary.

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People who disagree with you are enot automatically trolls.

Though, at least one other person has already said this topic needs to be split. I agree. Will get around to it soon. I’m also noted that many people do not like frequently spitting threads, and I’ve been trying to make splits less frequent, for better or for worse.

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Agreed. But did you look at @theman8469?

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How does a group of scientists, mathematicians, theologians, and humanities scholars go about ascertaining the appropriate, smaller number of trolls?

I nominate @Dan_Eastwood to chair that committee.

Perhaps one of those new threads can be devoted to determining the optimum number of trolls.

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My scale is more nuanced and detailed.

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I trust that such a committee would be fully on-board with the latest training in diversity and inclusiveness. We want no trollophobia round here.

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Not even trololophobia…

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My son showed me this… if it’s not one of the most annoying things ever! But, easy enough to turn off.

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Gee … thanks … :-/


A small (positive) number, but not quite zero, if only to serve as bad examples.

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