COVID-19 could kill 3,000 to 15,000 people in Ontario, provincial modelling shows

I provide this for two reasons: 1) To give others an idea of the COVID-19 situation here in my locality, and 2) to give an example of what science-driven policy making looks like.

I don’t mean to keep bashing the USA, but our province is currently being led by a right wing ideologue who is not known for a particularly enlightened and intelligent approach to government, and at least prior to this crisis was deeply unpopular. He is also the brother of Rob Ford, the late and infamous crack-smoking mayor of Toronto.

And yet on this important issue even he defers to the scientific experts and lets them guide his policy on how to deal with this crisis.

Our American members can reflect on whether the right-wing leaders of governments in their nation are doing the same.

If that is “politicizing” the issue, I don’t really care.