Creationist to lead Brazilian higher education agency

What is it with electrical engineers and intelligent design/anti-evolution? Anyway . . .

If the God-of-the-Gaps is going to be the new guiding principle in graduate training then they will save a lot of money on instruction. Simply tell students that if they don’t know how something works then God must do it. Close your books, close your labs, go home, and celebrate the fact that you have answered all of the riddles in science. Class time will be one day, max.

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Benedito Aguiar was previously Rector of Mackenzie Presbyterian University, where the Discovery Institute has established its Brazilian affiliate program. That University is affiliated with an ultraconservative branch of the Reformed churches (not the same as the more mainline Presbyterians in the U.S. or the Church of Scotland). The University underwent a move to the right at the time of the 1964 military coup, and was a center of ideological support for the coup, which extinguished democracy in Brazil for a generation. (To be fair, the U.S. ambassador, energetically implementing Lyndon Johnson’s policies for Latin America, was also a source of support for the coup).

Engineers have experience with design and implementation, but not of the divine kind. As humans, we enter the design of a thing with an idea as to how it will function, not absolute foreknowledge. During the testing phase, engineers need to repeatedly step in and fix things and/or alter designs in light of problems in function, changes to the environment, etc. Naturally many engineers see life as God’s engineering project that also requires periodic fixes, maintenance, and adjustments.