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I think my eyes rolled far back into my head…

According to this line of reasoning (and I’ve seen this basic argument frequently elsewhere), then education is pretty much without value. Ignore what experts in specific fields think, your opinion is just as valid as bodies of knowledge build on decades of experimental evidence.

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I had the same reaction with Douglas Axe’s Undeniable where he urged people to ignore the scientific evidence and just trust your own intuition. If it looks “designed” it must BE “designed”. The same intuition which clearly tells us the Earth is flat and stationary while being orbited by the moon sun and stars.


This is Marvin Olasky’s hobby horse. He used–and I mean “used”–the situation at Bryan College a few years ago to pontificate his own anti-evolution views. He never sought to understand the real issues at play…and it hurt a lot of people.

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Notice that Behe’s first chapter takes this tack too (publicly available). It is called the “Pretense of Knowledge”.

Might there be a nuanced view in line with Thomas Kuhn? I’m not suggesting ID is a revolution. Quite the contrary.