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These are noteworthy “landmine areas” through which to tread carefully, obviously. I may not have accomplished this when I tried to go into it earlier, but I’ll repost. (Reposting from another thread) "Okay, so one of the theories I’m working on, with ramifications for the ‘inheritance of a predisposition to sin from Adam’ tenet of theology, has to do with a potentially permanent, morphologically-expressed change to human consciousness introduced by Adam and Eve, who both ‘ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,’ with the results being a sudden break in their trusting orientation towards their Creator, along with a sudden sense of shame and vulnerable transparency, and generally a near-permanent moodshift away from the easy innocence and even joyful orientation that had characterized their experience with life up to this point.
It is as if they suddenly took morally and relationally ‘sick.’
Another related consequence was ‘greatly increased pain in childbirth.’
Following Carl Sagan’s lead, I theorize that all of this suggests a sudden, perhaps not well-regulated or neurologically integrated, shift in the complexity of neocortical neurological networks, dendritic actvity, and the resulting increase in conceptual abilities implied by this new ‘knowledge of good and evil’ – a ‘supercharging’ of brain physiology, which moved us in a kind of saltational leap, permanently past the relative moral innocence we had known in the garden prior to that point.
The concept might be coined, to take your lead, Josh, something like ‘morphological’ or ‘neurological Adam,’ and might begin to explain why his influence on all subsequent human births is universal through interbreeding, outcompetition, or deliberate elimination.
The ‘humans outside the garden’ didn’t stand a chance, ultimately.
Given the peer-reviewed articles we’ve already seen which elucidate ‘a frameshift adding function to a protein,’ we can speculate about whether the introduction of an enzyme or suite of enzymes ingested by Adam and Eve when eating this unique fruit caused a ‘superactivation’ of the relatively subtle ARHGAP11B gene, e.g., resulting in a meta-neurological change which resulted in a permanent morphological novelty, and which turned Adam and Eve’s descendants towards a predisposition of eventually becoming (to say it most dramatically for the sake of illustration) ‘genius-level sadists.’
The near evidence has Adam blaming God for giving him the woman who tempted him with this fruit in the first place, a blame-shifting technique at the root of all kinds on human self-deception. Just throwing this out there again; because God Himself took it so seriously that He banished them from the garden, and any similar effects which would construe from eating of the ‘fruit of the tree of life.’ "

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Original Sin among Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants
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Collins helpfully and aptly suggests “philosophical” humans.

So we can talk about biological, theological, and philosophical “humans” as distinct categories, that may or may not line up with one another.

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