Darwin Devolves - Review: Popcorn recommendations?


What popcorn or snack food would you recommend for watching the discussion unfold?

It’s a bit highbrow but the “Tiny but Mighty” brand is distinctly different. I’ve had this popcorn, and they do have more of corn taste. Plus, fewer hulls getting stuck between my teeth.

Other opinions?

Comments on Darwin Devolves Review
(S. Joshua Swamidass) #2

Popcorn of course! This should be a wild show. :popcorn:

(Curtis Henderson) #3

My wife swears by Orville Redenbacher.

(Arthur Hunt) #4

Methinks a drinking game is called for.

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #5

What are the rules? Everyone takes a drink with a post from ENV on this? As I hear it, there are several responses planned, including one from Behe himself.

(Dr. Patrick Trischitta) #6

And you, Lents and Lenski can make several responses as well. And Coyne and other scientists will do the same. And FFRF will be ready to sue should any public school try to include ID creationism religion into the public schools.

(Guy Coe) #7

I might go with “Amish Country Popcorn,” or “Bob’s Red Mill” popcorn --both of which are non-GMO certified, and processed in USDA certified organic facilities.
Or, I say we all launch our own popcorn line, in honor of the Behe review, appropriately named “Kernels of Truth,” complete with a marketing angle that goes extensively into the issue of the origins of our whimsical product.
We’re already all highly-trained to successfully deal with any false counterclaims which might arise by the marketing departments of any competing businesses.
Of course, I should come clean on the blatant attempt, on my part, to butter you all up!
Sorry for the hot air, @swamidass !

(George) #8

The blogs link comes up “dead” or “missing”…

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #9

Wait till 2pm today.