Darwinism and Eugenics?

Is that so? That’s a good excuse to make.
Around 90% of the parents choose to abort when they find their prospective child could have down’s syndrome. Some counseling could change their entire outlook about the syndrome. I have a cousin with Downs syndrome and he is a great guy. The world would be a lesser place if people like him are wiped out.
Why do so. As far as I can see, it’s the people involved in this process including the doctors and parents who are the lesser human beings here.

Are parents allowed to make the same decision in case the baby in the womb is female, or dark skinned… or perhaps if there is a possibility of the baby growing up to be homosexual? what about if they have a potential to develop make pattern baldness? Are parents allowed to abort for these reasons also.

I can agree with you here.

I agree with you that it is a shame, but it’s not Eugenics for the simple reason that the cause for trisomy is not altered by aborting Down syndrome babies. You might think to abort the “normal” fetuses who have the genetic predisposition to trisomy, but that’s everyone, literally!

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It’s a shame that doctors and parents have fallen so low.

I wonder if there is a way to eliminate this kind of inhumanity.
Anyway, countries like Iceland have almost completely eradicated people with Downs syndrome from their population. I don’t see how that’s not eugenics… or even genocide.

Genocide maybe, but Icelanders can’t stop producing trisomy fetuses.

Yeah, but they can ensure that people with Downs syndrome are not part of the population and hence resources are not wasted on them.
It’s not very different from how Nazi eugenecists approached people with such issues. The only difference being that they didn’t have the technology to eradicate them in the womb.

It’s the same philosophy, in new clothes.