Death to Automatic Bumping!

10 updated topics yesterday - most of which said 1 new message which turned out to be an automatic bump.

Can this be turned off? I can’t see what possible benefit it provides.


To be fair, every once in a while it bumps an interesting topic that I hadn’t seen before… but yeah, more often than not it seems unnecessary.


Let’s see if we can reprogram the software to only bump interesting topics!! :sweat_smile:

Seriously, the suggestion is good. I wonder if there is a discourse function that extends the time period if a bumped topic received no action on the prior bump, relegating it to some sort of decayed bumping? If only I knew a moderator who could ask…

EDIT: I posted this question on the Discourse support board. Will post here if there’s a reply or solution.


Bumping is good feature on balance, but perhaps it can be tweaked. @moderators should close uninteresting topics in #conversation when they are bumped. Closed topics are never bumped.


This being the operative phrase… because “uninteresting” is a function of a lack of interest. Do you want us to do so after one bump and no action? Two? Any guidelines or comments from the members?

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If it is a toxic thread, close it. If you aren’t sure, just ask in a @moderator PM, and pretty clear it will clear the pattern :slight_smile:

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