Debate: Matt Dillahunty vs Braxton Hunter (Does the Christian God Exist)

I thought this was a good debate with solid speakers on both sides. A lot of things we’ve talked about here recently were touched on. I’ll be giving it another look


What did you find was most interesting from each of the speakers?

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They went over a lot of ground! They both made good points I thought. It was interesting to hear them go over or at least touch on some of the discussions we’ve had here recently. Matt made a good point about something we were talking about the other day, if there was “sky writing from God”, how would you know it wasn’t from some kind of non-God intelligence? I was thinking about that a bit, I still think it could be convincing depending on the message. He got asked about the definition of atheism as well :slight_smile: The audience questions were pretty good. They talked about free will a lot, which is less interesting to me personally. I do mean to watch it again.