DI fails to understand racism, human worth, and evolution

The Discovery Institute is once again beating the drum of “Darwinism is Racist”. They can’t win on the science side, so they have to try and win the culture war. In doing so, they demonstrate their ignorance of what human worth is, what racism is, and what evolution is.

Their whole argument rests on this statement:

First, let’s get the biology out of the way. All Homo sapiens are equally Homo sapiens. This is true no matter what moniker you decide to attach to the theory of evolution. All humans are equally distant from our common ancestral population. Evolution is tree-like, not ladder-like:


More troubling is the Discovery Institute’s reinforcement of the idea that human worth is determined by one’s genes. Nowhere in the theory of evolution does it state that you are less human because you carry an ancestral trait. So where in the world are they getting this idea from? Racists. This idea isn’t coming from the theory of evolution, but from long held racist ideas.

I think it would be helpful for scientists to make DI’s errors known, and to explain how genetics does not determine your worth as a human being.


It’s almost impressive how much mendacious nonsense Klinghoffer is able to pack into a relatively small number of words.


I was thinking to myself “I’ll bet this is a Klinghoffer piece” from the very beginning. And sure enough…