Dinosaurs put all colored birds' eggs in one basket, evolutionarily speaking

Doesn’t this finally put to rest the YEC birds didn’t evolve from a branch of dinosaurs arguments?

This is another welcome cool article.
AMEN. indeed its saying theropds(falsely called) laid eggs just like modern birds do Colours aplenty.
while the research is on very raw data the point is the icreasing realization of the sameness of modern birds with these fossil creatures.
Its possible some evolutionists will beat creationists in concluding these dinosaur theropods were just birds.
not dinos or retiles at all. However right now they still have the egg before the chicken.
Classification is tripping up scientific investigation.
YEC so needs to grab this and get the intellectual credit for figuring it out.
i’m too small potatoes.
Paradigm shift is within reach.