Divine intervention?

Maybe not, but ya gotta wonder …

I’m completely out of the loop on whatever this is. Fill me in please?

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F1 Lewis Hamilton :slight_smile:

I dunno. Proves that there is no power in wishful thinking. I was wishing Hamilton would win.

Just saying, it sort of looked like God was in Red Bull’s garage.

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Divine Intervention is a regular thing. Not as regular as people would like. I have it happen to me and happen in my life all the time. I have lots of examples.

I’m surprised. Never happened to me. What does “all the time” mean? Daily? What would be your best example?

I asked first.

So what’s the connection between God and Red Bull? Does Max have a Chaplain O’Neill?

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To bad this site doesn’t have that little dot to say if you are online. I would wait for your response.
But I will skip to the next point. Answers to prayer/conversations with God happen. I will skip some that might get me in Jail if people knew… But here is one.
So, a couple years back or so I stopped in to a customers place for a coffee and they had me stay for supper… Marcy says, I had bad news today… one of my friends who sits two seats in front of me in church has stage 4 esophageal cancer. I said, well, that means she will die. Its like the worst ever… So I said I would pray for her and add an alarm to my phone to pray every night for her but I said right then I don’t think God is going to save her.

So a few weeks later one of my customers unrelated to this customer gave my name to someone who then emailed me to do a job to change a sink and put in a dishwasher… So I went over and gave Lynn my card. And said, I did that Deck on the card for Bob and Marcy a customer of mine not to far from here. If you want to see some of my work I could ask if you could pop over.

So Lynn says, who did you do that work for… I said Bob and Marcy She says, I know them I worked with Bob and am friends with Marcy and I sit 2 seats in front of them in church.

I said, I know you. I have been praying for you every night for the last few weeks since Marcy told me about your cancer. Long story short… I had no sense she would be healed.
But as I was walking out, I heard a voice like the voice that tells you turn off the stove… It said, I am the God who sees you. (its a quote from Genesis, I looked it up.) And so I knew this was a divine appointment and felt obligated to say something to that effect.

So I said to the lady, Lynn, I don’t know if you will get healed. I have been praying and never felt that but I think this is a intentional meeting and that God wants you to know, He hasn’t forgotten you and he sees you.

Anyways, I was hired etc. and it was a great time… but since then both her and her husband died. But both lived their lives serving Jesus Christ teaching. Bob was her principal back in the day…
I have lots more.

What was the divine intervention?


And yet in the age of HD cellphone cameras everywhere we have only your words for it. Yeah, naw dude. No you don’t.

And this was your best example.

Words fail.


Please, nothing ruins a great joke like asking someone to explain it.


I never said God wasn’t acting in a clandestine way. He could wipe out a whole continent without you ever seeing him. He didn’t need your approval to do it. And yes there are cameras that pick up his divine intervention all the time. Thing continually happen “coincidentally” that could not be coincident. After a while you realize. At first you brush them off but then they happen to often to be ignored. I get that some are coincidence, but you cant chalk them all up specially the ones where there is a challenge involved.
For example my Atheist Banker Friend who I put a deck on his house and did his basement. I was repairing his bathroom and we had a similar talk as we are having now. I have 40 years under my belt doing it so I know every argument you have and he has and the answers and the challenges. So at this point there is no personal need to prove a thing. You are literally out of your depth and its a courtesy of kindness to take the time. Seriously. But its a calling.
So anyways, I says to the guy about these coincidences that they are intentional there was something that happened and it came up… I forget more than I remember… So I mentioned the Train ride that I was taking with Hellen. She is a 80 year old that I used to take to a coffee house to be kind. She was a Friend of a Pastors wife I knew when I was growing up… long story but there we were on the train going to a Salvations Army Concert for people who donate. She was a Salvation army person at some point in the past and so we took the train into Toronto. So On the way, the strangest thing, we meet Jim. The guy I did the basement and deck for. He worked in Toronto at one of the bank towers but it was a Saturday night and he was going into Toronto to see a game all by himself. And there we were. It was a Chance meeting.
Fast forward. She is in a home now, we lost touch and the covid has kept me from visiting she changed her phone. Its been a year and a half. So a couple weeks back I am at his kitchen table reminding him of this chance meeting and I said, its so crazy Jim you wont believe it, but God sets things up so that He can remind you he is around. And some weird thing will happen like that. So that night I go home and guess who calls me. Hellen. She had a New phone but then it dawned on her to get her old cell phone and see if my number was on it and so she did and then she phoned me.
So, I said, Hellen you must have been listening to Jim and I today because we were talking about you, about our chance meeting… So after that call I texted him and I said, who do you think I talked to tonight… He guessed one of our friends we mutually know… I said, No, Hellen. The Lady you met on the Train. The Turn Around on that coincidence was less than 2 hours.

Please show the math you used to determine this. TIA.

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This is Africa?

Prayer = P Request= R running Delta T= S for speed of result A= Answer. F=proof

F is measured 1 out of 10, R is 1to 10 prayers, Request is the challenge of a Atheist 1 to 10. Speed is measured in hours for the prayer to come true and F is the quality of the answer measured 1 out of 10.

Most requests are responded to with one prayer to God and the turn around is generally 24 hours to 1 month. in hours in the neg negative. after with a place number of 24 going down to zero to negative.

Could you show how you applied that equation to the example you gave? As always, This Is Africa.


you are very funny. So, the request was 1 and the prayer was 1 and the S was 2. the left side was 2. and the right side is A the phone call so that is 1 call. and the answer happened in 2hrs.
So, 2=2 LoL.