DNA origami shows why design is the best explanation

so are motors. and yet…you believe that some motors (flagellum) arent the result of design.

“So are motors”? No. If we use your expanded definition of “motors,” then motors of some types are the products of human manufacture while others are not. There simply is no evidence at all that flagella are manufactured products, and, indeed, when we watch bacteria reproduce there are no designers or manufacturers involved.

But why are you still harping on this? Understand: an argument by analogy can at BEST be an invitation to investigation. One might look at a flagellum, say, “that looks like it was designed by someone,” and then look around the lab for the mischievous scamp who designed it and stuck it under the microscope. The analogy would establish nothing; the investigation inspired by the analogy might. So if you think it’s a good analogy, despite the fact that it’s obviously a horrible one, then you should DO THE FOLLOWUP WORK. Go find the designer. Get his name. Get copies of the original drawings and the notes from the original prototyping work. Find the designer, show his work, show how he did it (and/or still does it). Even a good argument by analogy is only an argument, and arguments mean nothing without evidence.