Does Joshua Swamidass think "evolutionary theory has issues"?

Maybe you because you scurrilously maligned Bill Cole by saying he regurgitates IDC nonsense only 50 times a year. Give him credit. 50 would be a slow week for him.


Amazing how those Creationist goggles can distort things.

What was said: “evolution is not a total account of life’s diversity”

What Creo goggles see: “evolution does not explain the diversity of life”

Of course there are still holes in our knowledge but that doesn’t negate what we do know. One of the favorite Creationist fallacies is since we don’t know everything that means we don’t know anything.


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I will let @swamidass answer this when he has a chance.

Apparently referring to Intelligent Design Creation “science” as dishonest horsecrap or nonsense hurts the feelings of some people. ID-Creationism is just so misunderstood! :wink:

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