Ed Stetzer Wants Evangelicals to Just Calm Down Here

Thanks for the link, Patrick. Unfortunately the mobile site pops up a screen-filling and deceptive ad about 30 seconds in. I really don’t think Walmart is going to give me a $100 gift card for filling in their survey. :confused:

Check your browser, you might have some malware on your computer.

More likely is that a rogue advertiser won the 100 ms auction for the right to place an ad on that particular response. Happens fairly often on the mobile pages of less well known sites.

I say this because

  • I run strong anti-malware
  • maintain good browsing hygiene, and
  • the phenomenon has become quite common in the past few months.
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Why would anybody want to identify as a “white evangelical?” That makes about as much sense as claiming to be a “semi-carnivorous vegetarian.” The two terms don’t completely rule each other, but they do show a fundamental confusion of emphasis and / or identification.

The label applies to the group of people who identify as evangelical and are regarded as white within the Ametican ethnic spectrum. Collectively, the group acts differently than non-white evangelicals in important ways, which is why sociologists use the label.

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But is a study showing a reluctance to use a label that only appeals to sociologists all it’s cracked up to be? The tone of the rhetoric employed seems to predispose a negative outcome. When did we all stop beating our wives, as Peaceful Science bloggers, anyway?