Egnor Versus Shallit: Can Brains Learn?

Brains don’t learn. People learn, and use their brains as part of that learning. So I suppose I partly agree with Egnor on that. But I often agree with Shallit when he criticizes Egnor.

As for “machine learning” – that’s really a term of art, and has a well known meaning even if we don’t think that machines can learn.


Obviously as a biblical creationist i only see the immaterial soul as learning, to use that word.
Yet we learn using our memory. those who have memories that quickly inprint do learn faster then those who don’t.
The interplay between memory and the soul is so close that separating who is learning would be murky.
Any thing we learn could be forgot underr the problems of interference as in old age.
So its not Can a machine learn but can it unlearn. NO!
A machine is just simple memory.
It can beat you at spelling or chess because those are things of memory. they are not things of thought.

The thing in all this is the placing of memory as only a sidecar to the brain.
Instead the memory, I say, is the brain. or the biblical mind.
There is no brain except a memory machine. tHe rest is soul.
jesus had a soul but wass placed in a human memory.
tHis is why he had to GROW IN WISDOM as a child/youth.
Otherwise GOD growing would be a absurdity. what did he learn here he didn’t already know.?
The evolutionist does have to have a brain, with memory as secondary. He can’t have a soukl.
So his investigation has a bias in it and so can’t figure it out.

You never saw an immaterial soul because it doesn’t exist.

What’s the biblical mind?

In the bible it consistently divides human thinking between Soul, Spirit, heart, mind.
So the mind in the bible means, as I see it, the memory.

The bible isn’t a neuroscience book. And since when did you become an expert on the study of the human brain? Memory is no more that a sequence of synapse firing in a certain order. When brain no longer functions, all memory is lost forever and the mind is gone. Memory can be changed, relived, refreshed, and altered, years later. Read about the latest in the evolution of minds.

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The bible , Gods word, settles things about human identity. We think so.!
Memory, I say, is the only thing on in our head. There is no brain. Just a memory system connecting our soul to the material world by way of connection to our body. Its all in a structure however only the memory is what is material. So all problems with human thinking are only memory problems and so healing , I say, could progress more if the evolutionist/others ideas of a brain were expelled.
Our soul will remember after death. Its a tight relationship between the soul and memory.