Evolution is Challenged by Biogeography?


(George) #21


Your scenario is not consistent with the archaeology.

But it is consistent with magic.

(Robert Byers) #22

Archaeology? magic? no just mechanisms in biology but all based on comparative anatomy which was always the basic of classification in biology. These days they also use comparative genetics but easily genetics is hand in glove with anatomy whether from common design or common descent.


Archeology doesn’t have much in common with biology.

(T J Runyon) #24

Well, I’m a BIOarchaeologist. Using that term in the European sense. So not just human osteology but also biomolecular archaeology. I didn’t read this whole thread so my comment could be totally unrelated


Right. I meant archeology, as in how a layman would think about it. You know, Indiana Jones and sh*t.

But I honestly didn’t know that anthropology could be classified as bioarcheology.

You learn something new every day.

(T J Runyon) #26

Archaeology is so interdisciplinary. It’s not just digging up the ark of the covenant. It’s biology, chemistry, physics, geology, computer science, mathematics. Artificial intelligence is even making its way in now. This link provides a good introduction to some of the scientific disciplines used in archaeology: