Evolutionary Denialism - - Tragic Tendency Claiming even God can't make things Evolve!

Why are there so many ID supporters who accept the theoretical possibility that God used evolution to create life forms for the past millions of years… but still argue with Atheists about whether evolution is even possible?

Is that a good use of Christian time? Who cares whether Evolution is possible with or without God.

We have God; God has us. We all recognize God’s power to make Evolution work His Will.



Dedicated to you and your demons of defiance.


They don’t argue with athiests that evolution is impossible. They argue that it is impossible without an intelligence (i.e God) guiding it.

Perhaps you should ask why Scientists have a problem with such an assertion.

Scientists strongly care. They believe Evolution without any guidance is sufficient to explain all life. They care very strongly indeed and would object vehemently if anyone proposes that the evolutionary explanation is insufficient unless God is invoked.

Of course Scientists have no problem if unguided Evolution is accepted as sufficient explanation for life and God is added as undetectable redundant icing on the evolutionary cake.
I wonder why that is the case.


Sadly, you don’t have the summation correctly arranged.

Right here in our midst, we have ID supporters who can’t help but pick fights with Atheist and Agnostic Evolutionists… who don’t even believe in God. So the ID supporters are in no position to win their view on intelligence with a person who doesn’t even agree that there is a God.

It’s a no win position.

As long as there are Creationists trying to accomplish political goals… the are doomed in their discussions. As of 2018 (or 2017?), there is no longer any need to dismiss Evolution in order to have an historical Adam & Eve.

This is where ID Supporters should move… to secure their Adam and Eve … without having to confront science head on.